The Heartbreak of Judas by Douglas Hardy

Sunset bleeds the days end,
Loveless dusty roads cry Babylon.
Cold shivers awaken the eve,
this empty godless little planet,
Dancing mirages. Reality
Nothing but a hollow beauty.
Ashes of honey scented words.
As we pant after useless affects.
Loyalty and feelings gutted.
Promises dead, echoes of infernal hell.
Any god will do
in this eternal babble.
Emotions drowned by wanton’s laughter
Spirits flash to and fro.
Empty dreams, limbo and purgatory
Hypocrisy destroys loving feelings
Clambering words after words
Life after life, citadels of boredom…
Better the desert than cold marble palaces Night stars alive with hopes and no false prophets.
An occasional glimpse of nirvana and the woman of the night
with her stars singing and dancing.
Like the shadows in the wind
the words are in the storm.…..


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