To The Politicians by Dave Rendle

They will offer you

a handful  of inflated emotion,

tie you up in knots

having eaten their fill,

will not do anything you ask for

whilst continuing to deliver soundbites,

eager to show that they do really care

will continue to offer you handshakes,

full of lies and deceipt

with warped sense of logic,

as the pain frosts over our breaths

offer us scraps of austerity,

whilst  hours draw by keep us unsatisfied,

continue their games to bend and shape us

apart from a few, most of collassal self-importance,

with their rhetoric full  of emptiness

deliver to us, utter complete disrespect,

it is up to us to stir their will

in sweet sheer defiance,

carve a new domain

into which, us they must serve,

instead of corporations and lobbyists

and others with a lust of power,

deliver us human foundations.

built on us concepts of truth

that can be seeds of future’s rebirth.


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