Land Submerged by Ananya S Guha

In Kashmir
there is no lull
break the hull
free the land
free the shackles
children, men women
politicians, aristocrats,
intellectuals, thinkers
free them,whisper to
them truth and how the
body and the land mingle
don’t talk to them of that
neighbouring country.
they know it how neighbours
can be rotten. but talk to them
the movement of the human
heart. don’t talk to them of
this country. they are tired
to be drawn into battles.
talk to them of beauty,
mountains and cherubic
children with glowing cheeks.
talk to them of spiralling mountains
and watery lakes. Speak simply
speak.heart to heart.
pray even if they are enemies
( as you think)
pain will dwindle
them into seven seas
can you see a land submerged?

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