liberationday, holland by Aad de Gids

every country, every territory, geophysical terroir, every stretch of land

of which the denominators to bundle its local characteristics have long

failed due to war, tribal conflict, tribalist terrorist attacks, failure of peace

negotiations have long missed to facilitate some sort of unity, has yet its

own “liberationday” from World War Two. the Netherlands’ is this friday.


as everything becomes brittle so has this become a rigidified institution

and I must admit yesterday at 8pm I totally missed the two minutes silence

because of the remembrance of the dead, fallen in that horrendous war.

(I guess I were silent, untimely asleep from tiredness of work.) the war that

would end all wars was only an incentive to design thousand other wars.


as I shall reach 60 this year the 6th of july it occurs deeply people of our

age have grown up in an atmosphere nowhere and never free of war of

whichever kind and all we have gotten suffused with were images, heard

accounts of atrocities from victims of all the wars and warlike situation that

plagued and raged over the planet since we were children and witnessed.


this, of course instills in people a kind of generalised prepost traumatic

stress syndrome afraid after televised images of executions [General Nguyễn

Ngọc Loan, filmed and ‘snapped’, executes Nguyễn Văn Lém feb. 1st 1968]

or endless atrocities [the napalm girl Kim Phuc photographed june 8th 1972]


then the chilly abstractness of the cold war and divisionisms of N/S Ireland,

jewish people and islamists in the Middle East, of the N/S Korean Peninsula,

of Germany all with walls and no-go areas and innercity mutual exclusivist

zones as the Bronx, in all the great cities the solidifying cleft between “the

richer richer the poorest poorer” and the sickening expansionism of capitalism


next to this the failure also of (with the “merits” of which I were brought up)

the communist system with everywhere appr. 10 million deaths due to the

hegemonial totalitarian systems of diverse communist variants gone berserk

and slaying their way through the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, and

their smaller acolytes yet not without leaving the capitalist doctrine as pristine


now and then it seems good to give air to such desiderata to understand where

the fuck we have now landed this account still leaving under cover the sheer

unbelievable acceleration violence has reached since, say sep. 11th 2001 and

which terrorist atrocity has changed the face of this planet and or “human culture”

forever if ever there was such thing as “human culture” (than systemic murder)

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