May 2017 by Sarah L Dixon

After the Tory Manifesto

there seems to be

a shift to hope.


After the gutter fall

from a fragile, but human hope

on the last two votes.


Belief in people and democracy

was broken into so many pieces

some gave up on rebuilding it.


Many are still staring

at the pieces

unsure where to begin.


This time,

we need a more cautious hope

of reaching for the top of walls.


And a shift from despair to lift us

on theatre wires to fly

when these results come in.


Sarah L Dixon is based in Chorlton, Manchester and tours as The Quiet Compere.  She has been published in The Interpreter’s House, The Lake, Obsessed With Pipework, Domestic Cherry and on a beer-mat and in Half Moon OWF Press anthology in 2016 among others. Sarah’s inspiration comes from being by water and adventures with her six-year-old, Frank.  She is still attempting to write better poetry than Frank did aged 4!


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