For every eye of the world by Jonathan Beale

There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. Buddha

The world is the distance trod by the passionate pilgrim
This eternal geographer
After Henri Cartier – Bresson


□ From the loneliness of the Frontier Post, □ to those

Spanish gypsies: a sharp glint in their eyes

To their endgame. □ Seeing the women of Epirus

in Greece beating their sodden washing to the rhyme

of some ancient rite, or from the very eye of Lorca’s

women. □ As do the women of Suzdal in Russian wash

in Icewater. □ A man caught between shadows (somewhere

between Debussy and Grieg’s Morning Song) striding

on into anonymity. □ St Georges Day Georgia 72 –

The Alaverdi Monastery the boy swinging in the car door

Paul Newman perhaps? The monastery unable to look away.

□ unassuming, in the Palais-Royal Paris 1959, people passing,

Philosophising, perhaps? □ the Serbian cycling cellist. □

□ Finding ends everywhere from a decomposing boat

in Co Kerry; to a Horse, a man, and dog pause before

going on to where they need to get to. □

The thread of humanity woven in culture of place and time.

The eternal geographer marks the world of émigrés

In the eye – in the moment – in the memory

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