No Reason to Laugh by Jennifer Lagier

Just in time for an investigation

of collusion with Russia,

America’s idiot-in-chief

returns to home shores

from his big-boy overseas trip.


While a polarized committee

issues swaths of subpoenas,

he wants to return seized embassies.

Disrespected, demoted, dismissed

intel employees line up to vent.


Administrative surrogates offer

outrageous excuses

which their bloated orange leader

flatly denies.

Political uproar ensues.


Leaks multiply.

Whistleblowers face persecution.

The GOP spins irrefutable facts.

Presidential tweets spew,

contradict White House lawyers.


Evidence of illegal obstruction persists.

We’re in dark territory,

worse than Watergate.

Democracy teeters on the brink

of constitutional crisis.

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