The Tower by Clive Oseman

Injustice drips unnoticed to all but victims.

Drip… drip… drip. Not for minutes, or hours or days

but years flowing into decades,

callous ignorance and carelessness

propped up by vested interests and propaganda

slowly filling to overflowing

the tolerance which keeps it all held in.


We all know the cause of this horrific scene.

To be obscene enough to demonise the innocent,

those caught up in the terror,

publish photos under phoney headlines

is more than just a foolish error.

It is a conscious effort to increase tensions

and turn the people away from truth.

But dear Daily Mail, this time you’ve failed.


This was a result of greed

in a system where those in need

are not worth the investment,

not worth the effort.

They had their pleas ignored

and the cause of death

was underscored by negligence.


Saving money, cutting corners,

ignoring warnings in reports

is like an act of war against the poor,

telling them their lives are worthless

to the landlords and the state.

In a city of such riches,

such disregard of life and rights

is nothing short of criminal.

And we’re demanding justice.


When the Prime Minister can’t lower herself

to speak to people full of grief,

such arrogance is beyond belief.

The time has come to change the game.


That silent drip drip drip

becomes the noisy tick tick tick

of a time bomb being primed.


If you think the plebs don’t matter,

it’s time to change your mind.

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