A Better World by Clive Oseman

There can be a better world,
where the banner of equality is unfurled
and love is much more prevalent.
Where colour is an unimportant fact,
not a sign of different factions,
and religion is irrelevant-
Race doesn’t matter anymore.
Gender is what it is but is not a bar,
and the scar of homophobia is healed
because we ended our inaction,
neutralised the fear that the privileged yield
as a subtle shield against progressive change
and got the hatred of past prejudice repealed,
revealed as a con trick of the age.

This world isn’t perfect.
It never can be if it houses humans
as humans are destructive,
but most people can be trusted to be decent
if the opportunity is there
and those who can’t should be aware
of the coming change of season.

A better world exists.
I dream about it in my bed,
wake up with it spinning in my head
and talk wherever words can be heard and said.

It’s in your minds too.
We need to start anew,
find another way to do
the running of the world.
And the only thing preventing it is us.

If it can be dreamed and can be thought
then history has taught us that it can be done.
Good is easier than evil once it has begun.
The start just takes imagination.

Greed only wins when apathy lets it.
Elitism will fall when everyone gets this.
So spread the word.
The belief that we can’t change things is absurd,
drilled into us by those who have the tools,
who take us for fools and serve themselves,
keep our hopes stacked on the shelves of selfishness,
hide our pride under piles of lies
and tell us only they are wise enough to wield power.
Their propaganda is another flammable tower,
but when this one burns, no innocents die.

Our time is coming. Getting closer by the hour.
The poor have been neglected,
their homes left ruined and derelict,
children uneducated and dejected,
their pleas rejected,
as the victim is depicted as the cause.
We want what can’t be done, they say.
There is no magic money tree, they say
but they pay the DUP
to help them cling to their positions.
And we are sickened.

The NHS wasn’t possible.
Women’s suffrage wasn’t possible.
A black US President wasn’t possible
Same sex marriage wasn’t possible
but each impossibility happened somehow
when the will of the people made it so.

We still have many miles to go.
But the lesson we must learn
is never to accept it
when the powers that be say no.

When they say it can’t be done,
it usually means they’re on the run.

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