Moral Nobility by David Hall

We have become Kings of Chaos

and Queens of Confusion

terror streams across our TV

so we grab our iPad

and quickly update our profile pic

to say we stand with _____________

(insert name of most recent locale)

as we slap together lunches for kids

that won’t eat them

and curse the ever-ticking clock

wondering why we decided last night’s Netflix marathon

was such a good idea at the time.


Reality is paused

as our goodness is posed

so it can be posted

on various social media accounts

“Say CHEESE kids!”

insert caption (Making lunch for the kiddos

they are so awesome!);

we have taught our kids

to be selfie addicts

and social media experts

while dressing them in the latest trends.


What about

being and teaching

ourselves and future generations

to be compassionate humans?

Kind and caring toward fellow humans

and towards animals as well

without the need

for doing so at the altar of social adoration

and glorification?


If the nectar of true morality

can no longer be found

in the stems of our being


we as nations

as a people

as individual beings

shall soon weakly wither away.


Evil debases us

yet it is glorified on all fronts

and all levels it seems,

as we revel in our own private joy

of its public rise

like guilty children

skinny-dipping in the neighbor’s pool.


Trek through this desolate world

with moral trepidation

giving more than is given to you

navigate arid social minefields

with a fertile mind

ignore indifferent political chaos

for the peace within is of greater worth

thirst for the succulent salvation of peace.


We have become Lords of War

active on international stages

with drones sending missiles

to wreak untold death and destruction

that we know not

but we see parentless children’s pictures

stream across the news

while slow music plays in the background,

so begins another round of online drones sending missiles

wreaking pain and confusion

and screenshots of _______ comments

that become viral hits on Facebook and Twitter

recycled fertile ground for recycled missiles

from glory-seeking drones.


Every keystroke

both thoughtful and not

can be an assault

for others eyes are enlightened

from prisms of another spectrum

so resist and refuse your own fall


all wars must cease

it all begins with you.


5 thoughts on “Moral Nobility by David Hall

    • David this is an amazing poem, but I expect nothing less from a poet of your calibre! Yes, I agree that it is a sad indictment of our species that acts of humanity and kindness have become so abnormal that they warrant comment . 90% of the world seem to be viewing ‘life’ at a distance and through machines. Its time for personal contact and doing away with personal space. If we don’t start to connect then, yes, our race is over. Kudos David ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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