take it back by Darius Molark

he can do anything he got us
our homes, our names, our cars,
our girls, our boys whose lives
we hope to keep from pain, he’s
got them too, he’s got our brains
even for coal dust, for reducing
taxes to the rich, he’s done
twisted our heads saying what
obama did was just too much for
the people now we going to take
it back and instead make you work
harder for less pay and health
benefits working dangerously
that’s our mantra things

moneterize everything even the
end of of the day say with this clown
taking what his father taught him well
take houses away from black folks
practice making sure that they
live in hell that there be no white
people america with black folk

moneterize everything take poor
peoples’ hours and don’t protect their
overtime take their unemployment benefits
kill community healthcare centers

and their art
their baseball fields
tear down schools demolish these too
for the poor

done this hour temporary
things he will wait for what you bleed
through your babies and their mamas
he will take their lunches and
give them lead in the water where
he would loose oil in spills and
drop human fatal bombs burn phosphorus
flames on other countries
just for the hell of it then for
austerity’s bright call take away senior
citizens meals on wheels lunches and

meals on wheels for senior citizens
sue for your student loan funds

limit all your expressions then give
more money to the net carriers
making sure to them over limits you pay

he will make them all glad for
rolling you over again and again

singsong if you should holler his
cohort courts will just slip you
in the pen from parking and red
light tickets done now

and then like if you black and then like
no time for that get shot and you immigrant
wait we pick fruit picking times the
alternate ones disabled ones

you your looks your jobless
fortitude and give you opium and then
he will hunt and bust and put you on a
jones so bad so deep you will say
maybe just maybe today i won’t
make it for him, not anyway
no more

then what you gonna do

he will know you

you got my back
i got yours

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