Attempt Breaking Silence by Abigail Hurst

“Can I tell it all to you?
Even just a part to let it out?”
My voice is tinged with hope
You slowly shake your head.

I can see the regret in your eyes
As your try to back track
Try to hide

“Don’t worry about it,”
Put back on the mask
“I’m fine.”

I always have been fine…
Doing great,
Nothing more to say,
With a smile on my face.

I’m fine
He crawls in bed with me.

I’m okay.
Cornered in the kitchen
Lust in his eyes, lunging toward me

I’m great.
He slides his hand down my thigh
A look I know so well
Silent danger in his eyes.

All of these things and more
Rushing through my mind
I smile and look up at you,
“No really, I’m fine.”

I’ve said it a thousand times before
Feeling the life drain from my eyes
What’s once more?

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