Master or Slave by Abigail Hurst

Take a deep breath
Just smile
No tears
Step into two roles
And puppeteer.

Both master and slave
These parts I play
Pick up the controller
Attached to my strings
And put on a grand display.

I am a manipulator of myself
I separate and detached
Sit up in the rafters
With my heart down on the stage
And with aching arms keep moving
Make sure these strings behave

Arms up.
Arms down.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Chit chat.
Side hug.
These strings long to tangle,
Am I master or slave?

These cords that make me move
Feel more like a noose
They cut off circulation
And I feel the weight of deprivation

Can I cut these strings?
Slip off this stage?
And attend to this inner war
I wage?

Take a deep breath.


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