Set Free by Abigail Hurst

I’ve tried to fly so many times
Shackled to the ground
Chains rattle as I pace
How I’ve learned to live is a disgrace

I get a running start to soar
And leap so high from the earth
Too quickly reminded of how I am tethered
And how my soul has become so weathered

These shackles that have no key
Attached to my wrists, to my neck and my feet
Spider away from my body
One lock linked to another chain
And each branded with a name

Abuse, self injury, nightmares, rape
Against my wrists the metal scrapes
Harlot, worthless, disappointment, regret
Four more names that you’ll never forget
Into my ankles the bonds dig deep
The lock around my neck
Bears one burden under which the others fall
The suffocating, all consuming, heavy weight
Of shame.

The sin of what you did,
Now my job to hide
To bottle it up, with a strong, tight lid
So no one will ever find,
Covering shackles and chains
With beautiful scarves and gloves
A little make-up for the face
Learn to sit pretty,
Draw no attention to what holds me still,
And meet weekly with my self blame committee…

But in the night, when no one can see
I gather my shackles and set my mind free,
To imagine a world that sees the pain,
And reverses the words that have been engraved.
To imagine an earth wear my chains are seen,
Where I am seen.
This disillusionment I crave,
And with anguish I pray,
That my voice will pierce through the noise,
And I will be heard.


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