I am a Nazi by Terrence Sykes

I am a Nazi
I rise with white power
To surpass those
Different from me
I am a true American
I don’t like like Jews for  sure
My sister married a Yankee one
Live in a big house on Long Island
He has some big corporate job
She goes to temple &  raising them like Jews !
That guy I was friends with in high school
Found out he was gay
He helped me pass many a test
I dropped him like a hot potato
Guess he was trying to make a pass on me!
Didn’t have time to got to community college
Or even take time to try out trade school
Too busy obsessing over how oppressed I am
By the world outside that I don’t want to understand
And all the other white males like me
I sure don’t like Muslims either
They are almost blocking my Friday drive
Going to the 7-11 where they all work
To get my weekend  cigarettes & beer
Trying to get away from all these foreigners
The last straw was when that black family
Moved into the neighborhood last year
Bought the biggest nicest one
How dare they try to to act better than me
I decide then and there we must rise above!
Blaming others for your short comings is the easiest thing to do
If you were really a red bloodied American you’d be a Nazi too

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