Scum by Jodie Rose McLoughlin

This is what the so called majority asked for
Demonisation of the poor
Our national assets spunked up the wall
Scapegoating Muslim’s and the unproductive disabled
Calling us traitors, takers and scum

They won’t be happy until we’re all oppressed, at the bottom of the barrel drowning in racially pure, neo-Nazi cum

You mock us and shock us with the vitriol you read
Your silence is compliance in a world of black and white
Absolute morality
Cognitive dissonant closed off little minds
Only when they make you suffer too,
will you ever see the light

Where are you when they starve us?
Your ‘friendship’ was lacking when the medical professional assessor hissed,
in my ear and on paper that I’m unworthy of any money to live on
That my disabilities do not exist –

and that by extension neither should I
It’s a natural conclusion
Work or die

The state broadcaster would never lie
Sitting by your marble kitchen surface
taken in by the glare from the Sun and the lure of the Mail
They tell you who to hate today and where to place your collective blame
Who is the target of the day?
Perhaps the refugee who dare set sail

across the Med from nasty Europe?
The root of all evil and the reason you aren’t thriving
According to the establishment elite who control the media
only certain white, able-bodied Herero humans are worthy of survival

The scared little boys who never grew up
Terrified of losing the privileges that they’ve always had
By their logic, if a minority has more chances then they’ll be given less
Trolling lefty liberal pages
With soundbite insults berating ‘snowflakes’ like a deadbeat Dad

When trolling turns to marching and marching morphs into hooded bros, waving swastikas and crosses on fire
I have no desire to live in an evil, twisted world like that
If you fall to speak out against the rising ‘alt-right’ threat and ignore histories lessons
you’re nothing but a cowardly ostrich and well, a bit of a twat!

Oh but “Freedom of speech”
“Wish violence on no one”
“Stay peaceful, try to reason with them”
“They’re just ignorant and sad”.
Educate, said the middle class liberal whose life’s not in any actual danger
Placating the morons makes you almost as bad

as the selfish Baby Boomer who did well off the back of a socialist society
pulling up the ladder behind them as they paint their new extension in the costa del sol
As the working class turkey voting for Christmas,
Cap doffing to toffs and tugging their forelocks
Blaming all migrants and people on the dole
for their oppression, depression and failing public services

To make a crude comparison
They’re like a prostitute who’s in love with her pimp,
exploited for labour and covered in jizz
Seeing little of their hard earned money in return
It all goes to the Masters
and they’ve no idea who their real enemy is

You call me jealous, a justifier of idleness and judgmental too
As you kiss the rings of your gilded Leaders because the papers told you to
I must explain that it’s not your possessions which cause this distaste that I hold for you

If what’s yours is yours due your own hard work,
no handouts from family like those upper class jokes
That’s fine
Good for you!
Yet you deny others the same opportunities you had, don’t you?

Contrary to your misguided beliefs I don’t envy what you OWN
I despise the “I’m alright now Jack” attitude emanating from you
I do not resent you for what you HAVE
I resent you for how you VOTE

I will not be looked down upon by those who live in the dark
Wilfully ignorant in an age of information at our fingertips
You, who’s sailed through life and never had to fight

Because paying your way towards the betterment of the whole of society isn’t ‘theft’
Anyway you can’t take it with you
You know that don’t you,
Mr and Mrs always Right?

We’ve all worms to those in charge anyway and they are the wise and benevolent owls
They know what’s best, I swear on my Skybox!
Your chosen servitude oppresses me but you also willingly oppress yourselves

All divided
At each other’s throats
Some more expendable than others to the top 5 percent
Yet from your slumber you will not wake
Listen to reason and facts
You refuse to relent

You never will
You’ll carry on either saying nothing at all or defending THEM
Not until they crush you too
under their hunting boots like

I ask you,
Who out of this group deserves to be destroyed and buried for good
Is it me?
Is it you?
Or is it them?

We’re all at different levels in the sediment of the pond
All drowning in our own way
Different strata of scum

floating to the surface like the flesh meat water sacks we are

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