The Longest Gamble by Jennifer Lagier

The presidential apprentice

gambles for ratings,

pardons a racist sheriff

to pre-empt sentencing

for his conviction,

then incarceration


After U.S. threats

of fire and fuy,

North Korea launches missiles

that sail over northern Japan.

The skies fling hurricanes,

tornados, 50 inches of rain.

Flood waters rise, cover red Texas.


It’s a feeding frenzy

of conspiracy theorists,

right-wing radicals,

climate change deniers

whose crackpot beliefs

now pervert the White House.


We’re on our own during

democracy’s deconstruction,

Constitutional crisis.

Ethics, integrity crumble.

Russia laughs; their boy is in charge.

Treason, corruption, hypocrisy burgeon.


Jennifer Lagier currently hides among sand dunes at the edge of the Pacific Ocean to escape the ongoing decline of discourse and democracy in the U.S. Website:

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