Cuts and scars by Andy Brown

A bloodless coup instigated by foreign forces

intent on preventing proscription of their product.

Irony of taking back control then instilling the means

to relinquish scrutiny confirms closed thought processes

of those who read but do not study, and never dare question.

Tax-avoiding power brokers basking in sun-drenched

islands desert reader requirements, pandering need for

somebody worse-off approve genocide felt by the

vulnerable, benefit claimants sacrificed on the cold

streets where capitalist uniformity sits bearing

witness to globalised interest.

Corporations perch on walls of cards

misbalancing books reclaiming kingdoms

structured and lined with reinforced serfdom.

In a supposedly rich and advanced country

no subtlety needed to convince unquestioning

brainwashed populous, no interrogation insisted

for ideals, ambitions, wealth aspirations of masters

that pamper the celebrity requirement. There may be a

few points worth debate, for example let us compare

Islamic State and Henry VIII, both experienced in

acts of beheading and execution now Parliament

vote to return to an age when dictatorial decision

was supreme, left to their own devices Ministers

believe their heroic publicity, getting Britain back

from a foreign foe to slavishly accede and process

whims of newspaper barons from far flung shores.

Legislative guillotine cuts a swathe through rights.

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