National Poetry Day Poems part 1: 4 poems by Patricia Walsh

Ordinary Death


A trickle of brilliance permeates your existence

Post-partum excellence a whitening hear

Only to the selected few, lining of existence

Writing on borrowed time earns payback.


Renegade years spoof the performance

Freedom at cost price a fearful proposition

Walking streets at night, not a single bother

The bell-strikes at a small hour, scattering jewels


Are we really that different, after all?  Let me think

Dizziness experienced in crossing the street

Reforming mutual habits too hard for future plans

A too-local camera caught on the recorder.


Dissenting into boredom, being a typical institution

Solitary embankment a just course of disaster

Cheering for God, and all His revolutions

Not seeing them all first had, victory at a remove.


All in the blood.  Mixed and agglutinated

Mutual heritage a trump card to always enjoy

Behind the velvet curtain sneaks a war cry

Sinking lover into like terror, a sham marriage


Reform at the last minute, sweeping for heaven

Measured speeches under breath a ghastly turn

Quoting from a history booming after all

A village to raise offspring, a conscientious plot.







The advertisements swing for their supper

Threaten with ignorance is bypassed

Bleeding with need, a cause obviated

Quality purpose a nice overture.


Reluctantly leaving an excellent situation

High-fiving from the gutter and the stars

Petty technicalities mar the obvious

Removing literature from a righteous spot.


Once we were deserving hallows, assets fleeting muster

Reddened from mortification, brightly found

Animated local history at a glance

Minding business a sage occupation


The current situation is a joke.  Man the barricades

Persuading betters to stretch their placement

Muddle over insurance, always a bitch

Now shuddering the righteous indolence.


Searing with numbers, aptitude still hovering

Over a satisfied customer, crushed to her bone

Not accessible enough to swear by credence

Sprouting wings and fly, a repetitive necessity.


Slovenly enough to win the prize, manoeuvred

Working on time, still a disposable worker

Wanting on both sides, a crafty individual

No longer functional, but a civilised exit.



Minding Business


Sleeping, in chagrin of the local café

Humour trickling down at a stone’s pace

The worse weather, the better, allowing transport

To pass by the necessary functions apart

Planning slight trips on the back of the dole.


The violent wind rustles up some drying

Clothes on the line a fearsome trip

Cutting across homefulness never abating

Last ditch fears never far from home

Social sanctity home, begging for more.


On the lookout for thieves, costly as they are

Corralled in the bedroom to keep producing

Groomed to partake the wary amongst us

Animated efforts never stop evolving

Falling between knees a happier time.


Amplifying past the solo, I kid you not.

Closer to godliness a quid pro quo.

Being close to technology to solve our ills

No declaration of need, just one more confession

Remedying depressions shock as it happens.


Hopping off walls, in touch with the village

Caffeine outbursts jolt the seething lifeline

Cigarettes aside, to warn us of dangers

Going too far for this, on happier times

Imposing on borrowed causes a treat.




Protected Scripture


Tired, whenever the occasion demands

Round whip-up tours to see what’s fashionable

Weekly literature clogs the Stygian banks

Computerised gossip a stay for the glossy.


Diving into hell, to retrieve what matters.

Wasting infinite time on what can’t come back

High moral ground a slippery entity,

Taking credit where intended, a wishful type.


Paying attention for once, for sore eyes.

Cold spoons a remedy for the last holiday

Someone to get attached to, good, or otherwise

Creaming off grief another story to tell.


Irregular sculptures fire the brain

Suspending disbelief for expense’s journey

Studying for lost time, a secondary massacre

Apologising through the house of happy indenture.


Freely received, freely given.  Jolted copybooks

Describes the worst scenario, bleeding forever

Knowing every move made, not fulfilling purpose

Every given name is a holy damnation.


Reading through keepsakes, never the wiser

Imagined misdemeanours enough to hang dry.

Automated responses chiming punctually,

Spatial pictures punished for sensibility.



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