The Examination of Time and its Many Modes by Rob Cullen

We are the explorers
Of time.
In which
Our watchfulness
A revelation
An awareness
Of life’s turning wheel.
We the silent sentinels
Examine time
The glue that alloys
That anneals and binds
The eternal tick
Hum and thrum
Of the Atomic.
Oblivious to the inhalation
And exhalation of breath
We breathe
A measurement of time.
And dream itself
Three thirty
In the darkness
A stop time
In slow time
When nightmares wake
And temperatures drop
A degree or two
And old people’s
Grip on time
Is loosed,
They leave
And are left.
Slow time.
Stop time.
Time to wake
Time to go
Slow time
Stop time.
One day I found
Myself wearing
Two watches
I am unaware when
I strapped them on
There is a third
Too delicate to be worn
The Gold watch
Given to an old man
On finishing
Stop time.

The first watch
Now time.
Fast time.
The second
Get it got it.
Slow time
Stop time
Looking at it
May make
You decide
It’s broken
Stopped not working
But it works
Very slow time
Stop time
Another time
Known only to us
Known only to you
Postponed Time
Since the Disaster
Slow time stop time
Known to those
Whose alarm
Wakes them
Stops them
From healing
Stops our sleep
Brings it to a grinding
Halt! Halt! Halt!
With a scream
A shout
A cry for help
Let me go.
Let me go.
A cry. A cry
To start time.
And so the saying goes
There is a time
And a place
For everything
But which time
Is not specified
Time heals
Time will tell
What goes around
Comes around
And on and on it goes
The vagaries
Of our understanding
Of time abounds.
Times up!
There is no more time.
I have no time for you.
I have no more time for you.
I couldn’t give him
The time of day.
Did you keep time
For me?
Where did you keep it?
Was it on your
On your body?
A pocket?
A locket perhaps?
Locked up
Time to get away.
How did it get away.
Did you lose it?
Did you give it away?
I have no time
For you.
Slow time.
Fast time
And seeps away.
While we were
Not looking
We, I didn’t look.
It seems
Lose track
Of time.
The sands
Of time
Are running out.
Running again
Don’t get me
Oh well
Running slow
Sand running fast.
Sand running
To a stop.
Sand stopped running.
Sand is running
Out where.
Enough is enough.
Time to go.

Time redefined

And now?
Am I marooned here?
You told me to go
go go go go go
when you decided
that it was done
that you were done
with me.
But I have been left here
then now
now then
time stands still
for some things
trapped in this silence
now and then
a fracturing of time
I struggle
for words.
It’s not true
that time heals
it simply
loses pain
I am like a bell
that has not chimed true
for so long
but I am not silent
only in quietness
will you hear
the deep vibration
of my calm.
I can’t make
Up for lost time
Making up
For lost time
What time?
Who’s time?
A clock,
Or Clocc
A silent
Missing a bell
Is called
A Time piece.
I clock you
You you you you
You. And you!
I refuse to be
Defined by you
By what you, you, you,
You. And you
Did to me.
I am the man
The man I am
But it doesn’t
Define me.
You will not
Define me.
My anger
About what you did
You you you
You. And you.
Does not define
Me and my life
It is you see
Only a small
Part of what I call me
A small part
Of who I am
This is my time
My space
And I decide.


I hear your laughter still
I was five
I was a child
I knew you
I did not know you
I hear your laughter still
I was five
You will not go.
As incoherent
As the rattle
Of an empty plate
The image of a bell
Of an empty tea cup
Turned upside down
Chimes intertwine
Merging for reasons
That are maybe sublime
In their incoherence
A bell chimes
Making time
An upturned cup
Signs no more
I am empty
I am full.

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