Hurricanes by Marc Woodward

A hurricane hammers down the houses
while the silly Trumpeter blows his horn.

His people fret about phantom Muslims
and the Mexicans hired to cut their lawns

– for they’ve been told by the Trumpeter’s Fox
that the sick are just work-shy or shirking

and it’s all the hateful foreigners’ fault
that no one now in Detroit is working.

He wants his people all living in fear
– fear of an enemy over the sea

and buying guns to kill one another:
see the blood flow in the land of the free!

And what kind of Stupid thinks it’s ok
a weekend gambler can arm to the teeth

with military guns designed for a war
then, from a hotel, strafe the people beneath?

Oh, don’t worry – I’ll tell you the answer:
a man who’s afraid of the NRA,

a tweeting fool so weak and unrooted
a hurricane soon will blow him away.


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