ME TOO by Caroline Juskus

We raise our ME TOO banners to the sky,
Pink Pussy Power, feminine and strong
As silent women’s voices blaze as one.
United round the world, you hear us cry
‘To sexually harass is to defile.
We’ll take the rapists back to where they come
from deep inside the high walls of our wombs
and once a month we’ll cramp and bleed them dry.’

Alone she curls her legs upon her breast,
the icy water will not let her go
as guilt and sin and violation grow.
The widest ocean cannot wash her clean,
what words can trickle from her to protest
when countless more like her will go unseen?


In the time it takes 10 people to read this sonnet
one woman will have been raped in the UK
and two women sexually attacked in the USA

Caroline Juskus is studying a Creative Writing BA, is a kids’ author and runs an art blog

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