That generation of men by Rob Cullen

How long did I work with people who were abused?
Thirty eight years of my life
but always meeting that resistance 
of silence and absolute denial by that generation of men.

Thirty eight years trying to get through a wall
of silence, of intolerance,
it seems ridiculous to me now the ends they’d go
to avoid listening or do anything.

I was known in the United States
my boss shut his door refusing to answer his phone
he was out or in a meeting his secretary said
when I could see his car outside my window.

That generation of men who believed children
asked for it in some way
or thought the abusers of children were right,
it didn’t do the child harm after all they’re still breathing still alive.

Thirty eight years of listening
and now I worry that nothings really changed
another generation of men
are not talking about what they really think.

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