Autistic by Geraldine Ward

They say he’s autistic.

Just another statistic.

Stupid and thick.

Oh my, what a dick.

But you see how really foolish It is to apply labels

to gifted and talented individuals?

They say he’s autistic, not talented or gifted.

Yet another statistic In an Ofsted exercise.

He should be at this level, he could be at that.

He’s not managing expectations.

Must work harder than the others,


What are you hoping to achieve?

By your should’s and your shouldn’ts

Such conditions of worth,

to the erstwhile politician, who’d have a prodigy,

treated like an oddity.

When what of the banality,

of a government that hates poetry,

creativity. Cutting the arts for a laugh.

Why is that you wonder? Because Mrs May has a deficit

in human etiquette. Go get some empathy. But that has no price tag.

This crazy, corporate country creates inequality, mindlessly.

Is it so hard, Mrs May, to treat everyone the same?

Not simply those rich twats that laugh at the misfortunate.

Hate honesty and truth.

Because guess what?

Big Brother’s going to get you.

If you don’t speak out now.

So going back to autism.

Take this statistical algorithm.

One in four people have mental health problems.

Often brought on by autism.

This has piled up an epidemic

that costs the government billions.

I will give another statistic.

Only eight percent of people with schizophrenia are working.

How many people here have mental health problems?

But won’t speak up for obvious reasons?

So going back to autism, dyslexia. Or any ism. ADHD, homosexuality.

But if you will listen, while I tell you the truth?

The dreadful vulgarities are not the labels themselves.

But those who apply them like conditions of worth.

Who has ever been called stupid and proved their teacher wrong?

Whoever has asked a question or been shouted down for getting it wrong?

You see the truth is there are good teachers and bad ones.

God save us from the bad ones. Please, Lord, teach them some empathy.

So we all get on in harmony, and if one thing, having my son has told me

is never give up fighting his corner, and the truth.

Let’s work on the weakness but build up his strengths.

Consider intervention also, for those adults and children,

who bully through their own ignorance.

By ignorance, this could mean lack of knowledge.

Like I used to have,

You build it up and learn,

empower those around.

Not trying to hurt others.

Treating them like stepping stones.

We are in this together,

Or it’s them and us.

Believe in equality.

Then what you have is stardust.

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