Bullshit Brigade by Geraldine Ward

All hail the bullshit brigade.
The ministry of injustice has spoken.
They are bringing out a new handbook today,
to replace the King James Bible.
Saying all hail the bullshit brigade.
The multitude has spoken.
But no, the problems that arise.
Out of a system outdated, nepotistic, deified.
An unnamed God called pride and power.
Saying all hail the bullshit brigade and ride that seat to tower, to take and fabricate.
Highly leftist columnists plagiarize the far right.
Enter this good night, fornicate, and eliminate the truth within our sight.
You see some people are born equal but some are more equal than others.
The saying goes in Animal Farm;
this is all Orwellian, Big Brother.
What comes to pass is state control by the far right mass
and those leftists that are turncoats in disguise ought really to get a piece of my mind.
This is a nanny state, and ministry of minions run by young and old goats.
Who wouldn’t understand the meaning of equality if I spoke of civil rights
and Martin Luther King?
The Gettysburg address and Abraham Lincoln.
All hail and ride the bullshit brigade.
They are heading for the fall of their lives
while the rest of us just walk away and think head held high, do I really want to be part of this self-serving nonsense.
Dictatorial nonchalance by the privileged few, it’s all playground politics.
Now let’s get back to school and learn the lesson.
Grownups play nicely now, even your children know how to treat each other.
It isn’t really rocket science.
Because all those on the bullshit ride, their time has come, their cards are marked.
Be kind to each other, it’s really that simple.
Love one another, if you agree with someone’s view or not.
The proof is in the pudding and I am dying for a crème Brylee
Leave the toffs to touch the caviar.
The kids to go and play
and let’s now end the foolish game of Groundhog Day.
Where the only winners are the bullshit brigade.

Geraldine Ward is a poet and author of adult and children’s fiction. She has edited magazines and was the founder of Teesside Writers’ Network and Teesside Artists’ Journal, before relocating to the south-east with her young son and family. She has had work published most recently in Writers’ Café Magazine, Issue One, Edited by Marie Lightman as well as Blacklightengineroom, Edited by PA Morbid and Beautiful Scruffiness and Fires in the North, Edited by Katie Metcalfe. Her poem, “Bull**** Brigade” is also published in her recent poetry collection, “Geraldine Ward’s Degrees of Separation” and “On the Threshold” is in “Under the Willow,” by Geraldine Ward.

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