Priceless by Sarah L Dixon

The skip of happy heels.

Your version of the Hokey Cokey.

A second hug

at the classroom door.


Our walk to school

Your questions about marrying trees,

how we know the Big Bang happened,

Why Donald Trump is so bad.


The battle to see who can find a gap

in clothes to put frozen hands

on hot bellies first.

Illicit delighted screams from the other.


Swimming lessons.

You are confident diving for weights,

launching from the side.

Check I am watching all the time.


The way you adjust

to so much change.

New house, school, friends.

New routine and you call it home now.

Being just us two.


Sarah L Dixon is based in Linthwaite, Huddersfield and tours as The Quiet Compere.  She has been published in The Interpreter’s House, The Lake, Obsessed With Pipework,Troubadour and Curlew. She had a poem published on a beer-mat and her pamphlet, The sky is cracked was released by the same press in November 2017 (Half Moon) She is due to have some poems in Confluence Medway in December. She is working on a collection of weird, magical and witchy poems to come out with Three Drops Press in late 2018. 

Sarah’s inspiration comes from many places, including pubs and music, being by and in water and adventures with her seven-year-old, Frank.

She is still attempting to write better poetry than Frank did aged 4!

Frank’s line, aged 4, was “Is your heart in a cage so it doesn’t fly away?”

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