A Consumer Driven Affair by Dana Perry

Deck the halls with introductory interest free
Offers for cards from Mr Barclays and Mrs HSBC
‘Tis the season for extravagance and rising debt
For overspending that’s unrelenting with expectations left unmet
Decorations shipped from China, get the tree all nicely dressed
A parcel delivery lost in the post ensures that you’re adequately stressed
In time for seasonal blues and ridiculous queues, distant relatives you barely even know
Forced cheesy smiles and polite conversation, that subtle pressure to take every measure to put on a happy show
Parents mob the fluorescent aisles with that desperate look in their eye
Remembering what little jimmy said- That action man with the parachute or he’ll curl in a ball and die
When Tesco is like Michael Jackson and the consumers are his crazy fans
Some kind of sick, demented determination, that’s not a handbag it’s a bag of hands
Media manipulation, target marketing, and purchase hype
It states in the small print- This 40inch flat screen won’t fix the fact someone’s shagging your wife
Then for just one day on the 25th there lays a silent hush
Before the madness resumes itself again in the following Boxing Day rush
Be sure to prepare under fairy light glare for the increase in alcohol consumption
Raise a toast to the host but of your wishes save the most for
The staff at A&E and those waiting anxiously, six hours or more for just a doctors’ consultation
Or perhaps for the chap who was evicted from his flat
As a result of diminished wealth caused by a breakdown in mental health
And a decline to application for this years winter payment
Now he’s sipping Special Brew, sleeping rough on an icy pavement
But no
No, he’s just a drunk though
Clearly just a bum begging for coins to feed a habit
“No don’t give him cash, he’ll only use it to get smashed
Spend it on the likes of Costa or let the online bitcoin have it”
He’s just a washed up old traveller, or a never-was-a-hit-wonder
Just a stinkin’ old scrounger in ripped clothes and robes of sunder
Little do they know he used to be a teacher
When his shirt was dry clean only and his beard a little neater
If only compassion were a pill you could administer
To the masses as some attitudes take a turn that’s far more sinister
“Did you hear about that guy that froze to death on a bench last night?”
“Yeah but he was just a tramp though, that’s like clearing up the streets, right?”
We’re de-sensitized to the sickening rise of poverty around the world and in Wales
But never mind that, what’s the price including vat?
Get your skates on and head down to the sales
My name is Dana Perry. After spending the best part of 10yrs as a mental health support worker I’ve finally made the transition to full time creative expression! I’m an undergraduate creative writing student, poet, amateur musician, songwriter, and aspiring playwright/screenwriter. I live in rural Wales and know two things for sure- humans don’t deserve animals, and meditation is everything.

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