I could have been a doctor by Graziella Ntinyari

I could have been a doctor,
But I was born on a desert field of sand, sun shining on the small pieces of “gold”,
Which couldn’t protect us even from the night cold, so probably, my first site was of a slim bony structured face of what looked less than a female human,
Full of joy beneath the contingent fear of the lost son of man.

I could have been a doctor,
But I was born as a tail on a body that suffered from the disorder of hopelessness,
Its spirit and energy entangled by the chains of fearfulness and like any other body, the head was above and with the rule on in its system,
Then as a subject I ought to connect, receive and act.

I could have been a doctor,
But they told me like mother like daughter and just then I remembered the woman was only a carpenter, who didn’t even know how to use a tape measure, having achieved an invalid grade in Mathematics,
But wait, this life hustler has never stepped in school,
Equal enough to call her a fool.

See, I could have been a doctor,
But I was born in a society full of anxiety, where opportunities were meant only for the white skin color, that raped the dream of an African child, rendering our minds too wild and mild, to step up and rule the world.

My words were twisted blistered and all I was left with was a heart hurt, singing in despair, not worth to repair.

Years of bears passed as I sat on the seat of a King with victory over the Kingfisher
Above this skeleton lies tissues, truly not tissues of flesh but of rest for my spirit did Rest In Peace, for DREAMS shuttered in piece-s.

As I walk down the streets, their eyes judge me,
My features not appreciated to be,
Three teeth missing, 2 fingers on my both fore limbs and only last night did they chop off my sight.
Tell me, wasn’t I meant to be a doctor? If my own wounds I can nurse and Doctor?

With so many words lingering in my mind, they should know…


Graziella Ntinyari is a young Kenyan Poet. She is also one of the founders of a group in Kenya called Art and photopoetry Kenya. Her biggest dream is to bring all the genres of ART together to form one great empire of art. Apart from being a Poet, she is a dancer, an actress, a singer, etc.

Instagram @gratzie.n, @Art_photopoetry_kenya Facebook @ Graziella Ntinyari, @ Art and photopoetry Kenya Twitter @KePhotopoetry


#Art_photopoetry_kenya 👍

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