Merry Crassmess by Dave Rendle

This Christmas  try cut down on consumption
release  some compassion, instead of greed,
avoid the Queens speech, seek alternative news
seeds of another society, that takes away the blues,
in this winter of discontent, it’s time to rise
keep on planting the seeds of insurrection,
because they’re  trying to break us in pieces
in the name of austerity, and government lies,
making people, beg, borrow and steal
people in charge treating its citizens like garbage,
as media shields us from  cruel reality
makes some think everything is fine,
the future must change, we must continue to fight
those that dictate, what we can say or what we can do,
beggers all of us, refusing to take the crumbs they give
merry crassmess to all, another world is possible.

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