After the Nobel Peace Prize Announcement 2017 by Stefanie Bennett

(for all Nuclear Scientists; the killing & the telling)
Last night ‘Terror’ died.
It died, not as it had lived
In its own black death
… But with the soft glow
Of a green light about it.
I was cruel. I was kind…
I took from it the aches
And anguish of a life spent
Battling the human elements.
I spelt trust as a 4 letter word.
Last night ‘Terror’ spoke. It spoke
In syllables as wide as the sky.
When faced with its own
Ghosted-in image
The din cannot be described:
And I – perhaps with a little
Too much of the Don Quixote
In me, wielding a rusty pen
Instead of a sword
Made the decision that
We kill for all reasons.
Some bad. Some good.
And some out of pity.
I erased ‘Terror’ from the vocabulary
As if time’s compass had not ever
Met this wretched one.
I do not know if the killing
Will, in turn, inturn me. There
Was a green light
Blazing about it.
Possibly that indicated
A pardon.

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