Ma Northumbrian Prayer by Cath Campbell

Ma god, if ye’re reel, and up thier,
gie us a sign, man!
A growlin, lourin, ragin,
We’re in a muckle mess hier,
wi a load o crap goin roond.
Ah hier ye’re tha WAN!
Gie us tha thowts, and mek em loud.
Ye na, summat to gie us hope,
ta put fier inta tha them badduns.
Ye’ve bin awaa a wee while, man!
Time ta mek a stand, ye ken?

4 thoughts on “Ma Northumbrian Prayer by Cath Campbell

  1. I love this. I have no idea if it’s accurate but assume it is and enjoy hearing the words in my head and imagining them said.

    Not to mention that I also agree with the sentiment expressed.

    Well done.

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    • there are many dialects in northumberland, and quite a few variations. This one was my granny’s. Hers was border tempered by many years in ashington which was a pit town, so it’s hybrid. thank you for your comment, Donna.💖

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