Dear Sir by Pat Ashinze

Dear Sir! Can you hear the sound of my silence?,
As it ricochets through my divided soul
Dear Sir! Can you feel the gravity of my anguish?
As it darkens the aura of my inner peace

Dear Sir! You lure me into your creepy chambers
Just to thrust your accursed self into my loins,
You take advantage of my young and naive brain
Just to force your way through an unready road

Dear Sir! You deprive me of my self-decisiveness
Knowing fully well that your act is wrong
You smile and chuckle as you relish in wry delight
Just to lick a fruit that is hard and unripe

“Shhh…It’s not going to hurt you! Don’t be scared!
I’ll buy you some sweets and ice-cream”
You say it as usual with coquetry and conviction
Who am I? a daft little girl, not to yield in.

Dear Sir! May your kind never taste God’s mercy
For you have peckered and raped my kind
At the expense of your fiery cravings and desires –
The boys are not even free from your urge

You may threaten and tell me not to tell anyone
You may browbeat me by denying in public eye
You may drown my pride in your hateful waters
But Sir! your waters can never put out God’s fire

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