Names by Ananya S Guha

In India it is
names that cloud
skies, open
them into wrath
blood trickles
in faces, nameless
names that pester
names that hector
names that carry
burden of centuries
love, jihad, Aurangzeb
Nehru, Bharat Mata
names that keep vigils
on holy land and cows
names that live in hollow
breath, footsteps, names
that blaspheme
names that murder.
What are in these
Names? Games?
lush of sunshine?
metamorphosis of rocks?
names of temples, names
of Gods, names that plunder
names that like leaves sunder
fall, smoldering into
ashen death.
Forgive, I do not know
all the names
but I will wrench them
from time’s clasped hands
and unearth mortal remains.

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