why not a job by Martin Hayes

why not a job

to dedicate your life to

why does it always have to be

a man who died on a cross

or who disappeared under a fig tree

or who was the last messenger

to bring the words of an invisible and unreachable God to us

those words

don’t feed us or keep us warm

they don’t feed the homeless man or woman

but a job could put a pair of gloves on their hands

a job could put a hat on their head

why does a job not get sung out for in churches

have drums

beaten for it

why not a job that pays for the water and food that goes into the mouth’s of a family

wouldn’t it be better to stand up for our right to have a job

rather than our right to hold a gun in our hands

why not a job

to dance about in the streets for

to paint stars into the dark sky for

why not a job

that pays for a roof over our heads

feeds electricity and heat into our homes

rather than a bullet into a “raghead” neck

why not a job as our right

rather than these Gods

that we keep rattling our cages for

why can’t these jobs be our Gods

our way of earning a living

the religion

that we would die for

rather than the colour of a flag

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