Candlelit Dinner by Giselle Marks

Imagine, imagine a candlelit dinner –
Shut my eyes – let the air grow thinner
Sail away on a moon-drenched dream
Breathe in an idyllic Caribbean scene.
Let the sea lap gently at the shore
Feel the breeze tickle ev’ry single pore.
Hear nature chirrup and call out loud
Allow happiness to make me proud.

I can write such a sweet romance
My words the picture can enhance
Live vicariously through others’ eyes
Fiction’s perfumed smoke of lies
Wrestle monsters in fabled halls
Bedazzling magic distantly calls
Expelling the ugly enemies of life
Poverty, war, disease and strife.

The grisly four mount up their horses
Fated to destroy man’s resources
Should we scapegoat an allegory?
Because life is only transitory.
Letting phantasms take the blame
For polluting life’s perfect flame
Powers have long been maligned
But the worst evil is mankind.


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