Paper Chasing by Samantha Bremner

I will be the fun
loving girl
I was always meant to be
Oh yes I will
I bloody well will
Before those politics of life
Tried to tear my happy from me
How dare those soul thieves
Drown me in this sea
Of never ending beuracracy
To mould my mind into some structure
Until it’s bound to rupture
They’ve sent me a slaughtered forrest
Full of black ink
Data data dot slash data
I do protest …

We can build small islands
With the rubbish in some landfills
Bury billions of billions of old bills
Along with our discarded unwanted
unfashionable items we once dreamed of having
The way we discard animals and people
Who no longer serve the needs of the greedy
Until the oceans are no more
And the earth is dry right down to it’s core

Where does it stop
Dot dot dot…
Who cares anyway
I don’t want to love a robot

It’s my time
our time
They steal
It’s a crime
But I win this fight
I did not sign up
for this sensational pollution
So what’s the solution.

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