God’s Forgiveness, by Ananya S Guha

Nine children died like
cattle bulldozed in Bihar
India, nine children
a drunken’s victims
drunk with death
carrying death
carrying blood in his hands
the faces of children harden
into death
as knives pierce souls
the death in our hands
the stain in our hands remind
that death is watching how many
to kill, children who with laughing
faces do not know that by the looming
seas death masquerades as man,
animal and beast at prey.
Nine families die instant deaths
nine fathers, nine mothers
the magic of numbers go on
the mask of death hoodwinks us
into belief  that the money as
compensation will bring their lives
back to masked faces
death on faces
in this land death stalks the holy
the unholy pray, in errant, visceral  voices
asking god’s forgiveness.

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