The madman with a gun, by Karen Middleton

More guns,

less school runs,

more rest in peaces,

more kids shot to pieces,

more sorry to hears,

more population decreasing.

Less cease firing,

more tears shed,

more dead,

more body bags,

in makeshift mortuaries,

school halls,

and playgrounds,

used for

praying not paying In.

Leading onto

empty corridors,

Because a madman thought he was being ignored?


‘Of course, our thoughts are with the families,

But what do you expect people?

Another shooting,

equals more guns needed here,

We’ve reached the conclusion,

theres only one solution,

Teachers should be reaching for guns,

And teaching kids to do the same,

Great guns for our gun laws,

we don’t have enough we should have more,

He was Just another mad man with a gun.’


‘You politicians have got it wrong.

Officials singing the same old song,

Our nation is segregated, and divided

although the decision already been decided.

Teachers have shown pupils a hard lesson to learn,

come to school and you might not return.’


‘The voice of the people has spoken,

ban guns? You’re joking,

because some mad man wanted to settle scores,

thought he’d be ignored.

We need more. because,

just in case,

for the day might come,

that we need them.

Oh wait,

I mean when.

Now you’ve metal detectors

to protect you,

from another mad man

scum should he come into your school someday’


‘Anyway, ban guns, way!

I’ve seen so many of my friends paying,

In our land of the free.

I don’t wanna go to my place of learning,

when I don’t know if I will be returning.’


‘They should have been protected,

yes, but it’s your teachers job is to protect them.

yet they didn’t give the shooter a taste of his own medicine!

The problems were because another madman didn’t understand,

and had nothing to do with what he had in his hand,

anyway, it should be in the curriculum,

that teachers and kids should carry a gun with them’


‘Tell that to the parents of the kids,

that where sitting,

at their desk just, a minute ago,

and now are lying on the floor,

Explain how when they were preparing for the school run,

when they packed their kids a snack pack.

they should have packed them a gun.’


‘It had everything to do with him,

and nothing to do with me.

He wasn’t right in the head you see,

He needed a check-up from the neck up,

he was protected by the second amendment.

but then so where you,

but you chose to not use it.

You could, you know,

you have no excuses.

Just put it down to experience

and next time you know what to do.’

The next time the madman with a gun is coming for you.

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