The Crime of a Girl Child, by Otitoju Moses

What joy awaits a mum without her Child?
Is it a crime for a girl child to be schooled?
In her Prime what lies her fate?
“Is heaven happy over our case”?
Our laughter now the song of death
Who drums us the song of sorrow?
In files defile our fates are
To death’s row
On agony’s roll
Our eyes in tears flow
Today’s is my turn mama
Tomorrow who next?

Fatima, Aishat, Zaindab, Hauwa….
Buried before our innocent Opened eyes
A feast is our body to them in
Lustful semen.
Hmm an agenda of transformation of change?
Pray not for me
Pray for my sisters,
Let not the invisible vultures venture
Don’t be the victim like me
I am a mother girl child
Against my wish
Against my will
I am the bruised
Bleeding Daily
Beyond cure is the wounds
My lips shelters scars unbearable

Pray for every girl child
Is schooling really our crime?

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