Neet, by Helen Kay

NEET has a hoodie with a label.
He is Scotch on the rocks, raw meat.
living loose on lies and cul de sacs
so we use letters to tidy him up.

Net means ‘pure’. It begat neat, begat
Nitere ‘to shine’, nautum ‘a thing of value’
Sounds right, only the spelling alters;
always the spelling falters our footings.

He bleeds from the grip of below zero
jobs where he spends all week trying to show
that the hunted is a hunter, preying on
carcass jobs, half eaten jobs, praying.

Duties include: filling in forms,
layering rejections, sweet as filo pastry,
paring statistics by not existing.
Neet, but unnoted, not tidy, not nautum.

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