Noise in 1984, by Helen Kay

The leather elbowed teacher
marks his 2000th essay
on the strengths & weaknesses
of the Shannon & Weaver
communication model,
and notably their refurb of the words
Redundancy and Noise

Sorry to break the fourth wall –
you may need to google that.

The teacher delivers takeaways
of fact, aspires to be Shannon,
gifted, fluent in Bolean number
until Dementia eloped with him,
and Warren Weaver, expert
in cryptographic methods,
who numbered the quality
of two hundred translations
of Alice In Wonderland.

The class is pure Fassbinder:
still frame stares, wiping out words
pin the teacher to the board.
The girl who wrote the 2000th script
is a scabbing miner’s lass
She dreams of Sade to take her away
from the brutalised pit mouths.

She has her own meanings
for redundancy and noise,
of her inside a bottle
crying, ‘Drink me!’, and knowing
the message is not received.

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