This could be hell, by Amy Barry

Filth pours out from
a man with malocchio eyes,
his black mouth gaping,
he wrenches my headgear —
defiling his religion.

Howling like an incensed hyena,
a woman grabs my head,
presses me down,
I stumble —
crumpled on the uneven cement floor,
between the first strike and the second,
or maybe the third and fourth,
my head bows on the pavement,
sharp point up —
pierces my forehead,
storms fiery rivulets across my cheeks.

Praying in every violent second,

I Stagger —
in search of sanctuary.


(First published in OPIATE journal, New York)

Amy Barry writes poems and short stories. She is published in several anthologies, journals, and press and e-zines globally. Amy and her work have featured on radio and television in Australia, Canada, Italy and Ireland. Her poems have been translated into several languages.

Awards :

‘Mother’ won 1st prize in English Poetry (Versification & Recitation) 
at  PAU World Poetry Day 2017.
Recipient of Neruda Award 2017 (Poetry) May 2017 Crispiano, Italy.
‘Between Captivity and Villa Maria’ was awarded ‘Highly Commended’ (Poetry) in SiarSceal International Literary Festival 2017, Roscommon, Ireland.
She has read at Literary Festivals and events in Ireland and abroad. 
Amy is an Honorary Member of Pablo Neruda Cultural Association, Italy.
Her chapbook, “Spearing Dreams” can be ordered via Paypal at :

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