You Never Arrived (The Ghosts of Calais), by Des Mannay

Walk away
Avoid the trap
of vengeance
Of turning on us
when Terrorists massacre kids
We ran away from men who plant bombs,
wield guns – demand absolute power,
They are our enemies too
That is why we are here
If I had not left Syria I would have died
But if I stay in “the jungle” over winter I could die too
in a donated tent
Easy tinder for a tarpaulin Kristallnacht
Bonfires of hatred
We came to Europe to find the land of human rights
Instead we are left here in this camp
Even asylum seekers
If we could get a proper roof over our heads we would stay
There is no solution
here in this hell hole
We must escape from this place
But higher fences and more cops
make it harder to leave
The borders are too strong
Death returns –
a Syrian run over on the motorway
in front of her son
An Afghan boy hit by a train
I join the protests on the roundabout –
“Open the borders!”
My friend lives in hope
he’ll make it to Britain
Has relatives there
Others pray for salvation
I will no longer pray for myself…..
I’ve seen pictures in the newspapers which visitors bring
of dead babies washed up on the shore
I fall on my knees
Prostrate myself and pray for those who never arrived

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