Walls, by Geraldine Ward

You will not hide behind these walls forever.
The cave you are concealed in does not want you.
The place that veils your face wants to see you sing, reveal your voice, your wonder to the world.
The skies were made for you to reach, the stars to bathe you in the glory of eternal sunset.
You are not made to travel light of burden,
but must leave cosmic footprints for others to follow after.
The footholes you create when you trample through mistakes are simply dustings of snow upon mountains.
When the avalanche comes and the walls cave in will you still stand tall against the wind?
I can tell you tales of children who have been forsaken and separated from their parents
while the powers that be revel in their Trumphalism or like his wife just don’t care.
These are not tales, but reality made bare, flesh, skin, blood.
While you hide behind your wall,
your towers a fallacy,
fake news reality.
I breathe the fresh air made stale by omnipotent leaders who think they are there by the grace of God.
Yet they live behind their walls and towers.
If only true justic would subvert their power.
One day the dream will be here.
It’s up to us to rise above our own walls
and speak out for what is right.

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