Marilyn, by Jonathan Jones

$This is my silencer.
$This is my passport.
$This is my stolen car.
$This is my sweet tooth.
$This is my chainsaw.
$This is my mountain.
$This is my coat of arms.
$This is my railroad.
$This is my paycheck.
$This is my ghetto.
$This is my gold mine.
$This is my blood test.
$This is my faded tan.
$This is my win-win.
$This is my tailspin.
$This is my violin.
$This is my Marilyn.
$This is my blindfold.
$This is my tightrope.
$This is my prairie.
$This is my [Answer B]
$This is my pool hall.
$This is my record deal.
$This is my church of Christ.
$This is my stage door.
$This is my honeymoon.
$This is my lynchpin.
$This is my spare bill.
$This is my old car.
$This is my new car.
$This is my puncture.
$This is my alias.
$This is my lying tongue.
$This is my lying tongue.

This is my sentence.

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