Trump will lie about this, by Simon Collings

So much wrong so little cardboard
That hair is a horcrux
Orange Shitler
He’s a fracking nightmare
Slow down Donald
you seem to be Russian
Shite hoose
Dear queen don’t offer him
the good biscuits
Feed him to the corgis
Tangerine wankmaggot
Electile dysfunction
Big orange twat
I’d call him a cunt
but he lacks depth and warmth
Impeach him by the pussy
All in all you’re just another prick
with no wall
Can’t build wall
hands too small
If your poor immigrant mother
could see you now
You’re a freak you’re a weirdo
You suck at golf
There will be hell toupée
May yer arse break out in boils
ya scunner
Unlike marmite we all hate you
Oh for God’s sake just die

Source: protestor’s placards, Trump UK visit July 2018

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