What Did You Do In The War? by Peter Roe

I was a clicktavist on the font line
when the politicians scammed the people
and the tyrants screamed ‘fake news’
I was there when we built the machines
that rolled into peoples homes
distracting them with cats and puppies
I was there when we trained the captains of industry
that steered our financial systems onto the rocks
I was one of the dealers that enabled the addicts
to get streaming media and access to celebrity culture

I apologise unreservedly for my part
in the dissemination of early memes
I beg your forgiveness for the damage to the environment
caused by the throwaway technology that we created
I am sorry for my role in releasing the billion headed hydra
that hijacked the world wide web scatting spam and deceit
and releasing troll armies on an unsuspecting population

So… What did I do in the war?

I trained the people who are fighting back
against the relentless tide of stultifying stupidity
I am opening people’s eyes to prevent
blind obedience to the corporate message
I am shouting my truth from every platform
and every technological device at my disposal

So… What are you doing in the war?

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