Hate Speech, by Giselle Marks

Why do so many people love to hate?
Anyone different, why don’t they wait
and think before they spout their scorn?
Don’t feel happy as hearts are so torn.

You’re dirty, disgusting, a faggot, you’re gay
and those are the nicest words they will say.
Try to understand the problems they’ve had
Don’t defile them and declare they’re bad.

Terrorist, towel-head, Aarab and worse
often accompanied by an inaccurate curse.
As they pour hate, the more they hate back
and so continue the wars and attacks.

I just wish the world would be friends
because only then will the hatred end.
What good does invective, the slurs & despite
It nurtures the loathing and then we all fight.

It’s not really our business how they choose to live
if they don’t hurt others why can’t you give
a little love in their direction, then you might see
how wonderful those other people can be.

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