The Lions’ Supper, by Giselle Marks

Deep in the velvet dark of night, Africa comes alive
Stalking easy prey, hungry lions hope to survive
Animals stay wary, knowing dangers surround
Drink with great care as crocodiles abound.
Some must die so others can feed and thrive
Savage bloody existence, fight and strive
Keeping together, listening to each distant sound
Life is precious – the wild’s no kid’s playground.
Stealthily strangers creep who seek to kill
Mostly for money but also for the thrill
The lion pride smells a new scent in the air
They hunt the hunters, who shouldn’t be there
The lions see better the men as they walk
Licking their lips as the prey they do stalk
They crouch low and bite as they spring
Then it’s all over, they’re food for the king.
No sympathy for those who kill and steal
At least they gave the lions a good meal.

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