Stuck in Your Own Complicity, by James D. Casey IV

cold coffee and a wet
there’s nothing like
the feeling
of regret
lying to the faultline
counting change
to a man
plated in fake gold
through the night
legs trembling in
but look at the way
he shines
on wine
in time
in tune
with the songs
on the radio
when tell-a-vision
is in short provision
after division
of your fellow
in this Truman
show circus
on purpose
they hurt us
but you choose
to look away
tell me how it all ends
or how
you can
defend the men
dropping bombs
like they cost pennies
but can’t pay
for people to have
free education
while they take their
fancy vacations and sip
cocktails with pinky rings
in the air
and put their cocks
where it doesn’t belong
and don’t stop
when women say
pieces of less than
shit is better
but we need to flush the
governmental toilet
especially T-Rump
and his phony cronies
so go ahead
throw your fits
hollering MAGA
when the fast food joint
doesn’t serve breakfast
all day
when in another place
on the same fucking planet
that doesn’t revolve
around you
someone starves
to death
and make sure you
about saving the trees
when you wipe your ass
with toilet paper
because you care
when it’s convenient
and sympathise
with rapers
that want to be judges
and their capers
from skyscrapers
while the rest of the
is stuck on flypaper
breathing toxic vapors
nothing but activists
behind screen names
not participating
in the actual activity
stuck in your own
fuck the system
burn it down
anarchist arsonists
are coming for
the wolves
that lead sheep
to slaughter
and rape our daughters
burn motherfuckers

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